1-1 Canine Assisted Coaching Trainer Training


To work one on one with Angela please enter the information at the bottom of the page.

BUT FIRST, it is important that you understand the certification process before applying for the programme. Please review the Certification Process below before applying.

Certification is currently open to dog trainers, dog handlers, dog training instructors, dog behaviourists, who adhere to positive, reward, and relationship based dog training methods AND belong to at least one of the following professions:

Professional coaches, (life or executive). ILM or Masters level certification, certified with the ICF, EMCC, or a full member of Association for Coaching.

NLP Professionals – NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioner, or NLP Trainers, certified through a reputable training organisation. Membership of ANLP, INLPTA, or Professional Guild.

Within these professions you must be:

  • Governed by a code of ethics
  • A practising professional
  • Covered by professional indemnity insurance
  • Facilitating NLP or Coaching work must fall under the scope of what you are trained, licensed, certified to do.

SCOPE OF WORK: Pawz4Thought is training that should be used in conjunction with existing skills and integrated into delegates’ and facilitators’existing practices. Delegates are only permitted to practice as dictated by their existing scope of practice, their training or certification. Certification does not provide you with new skills to start a new line of work. For example:

  • If a person is not trained in group coaching or facilitation work, then s/he should not be facilitating these types of groups.
  • If a person is not trained in trauma, or deep processing, then s/he should not be facilitating groups or working with clients where these skills are necessary. If these issues emerge, clients should be referred to someone who could better meet the client’s needs.
  • If a person is not trained and experienced in future focused coaching, leadership, or organisational work prior to attending the Pawz4Thought training sessions, such person should not be facilitating this type of work in these settings.

The delivery method of our 1 to 1 training will differ from our group trainings in order to meet specified, practitioner needs. The content covered will be the same.

The Costs for 3 days of 1-1 Trainer Training is £950.

Hotel and travel costs are not included.

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