Angela Watson

A&HNewbury Dave Scott picAngela is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and coach with 10 years experience of training across across a variety of industries for large and small organisations and has presented at conferences around the UK. She is presently facilitating programmes around coaching and non-verbal communication skills for nurses and healthcare professionals at Portsmouth NHS Trust.  As well as having worked with companies such as HumanTechnics, Beyond NLP Solutions, Sue Knight Books and Talks, she has presented at conferences and also does one on one High Performance Coaching (also online via Skype). She is a certified NLP Trainer and incorporates NLP thinking and techniques into all aspects of her work. For the same length of time she has practised NLP, she has also been a dog trainer and has been integrating these two practices for almost a decade.

Her trainings are often described as though-provoking, engaging and fun. Angela has a passion for unleashing people’s potential and finding what makes learning valuable to a particular individual or group. She likes to support people to exceed their personal boundaries, in order to succeed in the vision and purpose that beckons them.

You can follow Angela and read more about her work on linkedin, twitter, and facebook.

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