Why thought?

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Team Pawz4thought

Our thoughts leak out in everything we do, often in ways in which we are consciously unaware. These thoughts send out signals to those we are with about what we want, what we believe, and who we are. And people respond to those signals. We cannot change other people we can only change ourselves. The key to influencing the responses is to change the inner signals.

Excellent dog handlers concentrate on how they use their mind, body, and emotions to connect and relate to their dog to achieve what they want when performing under competition pressure. Dog Obedience is a unique combination of absolute precision, cues and signals apparently naked to the human eye, resulting in almost a telepathic communication between dog and handler, as if connected by an invisible thread. The outcome being a picture of unity and the ultimate display of dog and handler working as one.

By learning how to change our thoughts in ways that work for us, we change our experience of the situations around us, and lead the life we are meant to lead. Our special talks and events provide individuals and teams with a unique way of learning how to raise awareness of the thinking patterns that generate higher levels of performance (and those that don’t!) More specifically, we will help you discover the thinking that releases your own unique excellence.

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