cropped-a-dog-at-bath1.jpgHi there, I’m Angela Watson and I teach simple ways to develop confidence and focus so that you can compete at your best in dog sports. I don’t just ‘teach’ this stuff. I actually compete myself!

Pawz4Thought has evolved over the years and is now dedicated to showing dog sport competitors how to enjoy their sport and have fun with their dogs. It is dedicated to showing dog obedience competitors how to accelerate their chances of success in the ring, and beyond competition.

Unlike most competitive obedience coaches ad trainers, I don’t spend time teaching dog training techniques to people who book on my courses. I know of plenty of people who do and are excellent at that. I spend time teaching techniques for managing the most important muscle in your body – your MIND!

Together we’ll work on some mindset tools and strategies and then put it into practice in the ring.

I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and High Performance Coach. I have been Coaching since 2007 and teaching Masters level accredited Coaching programmes at Bristol Business School since 2010. So when you choose Pawz4Thought you’re putting yourself in the hands of someone specifically trained to look at the human psychological aspects of dog sports.