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who I am


Dog-lover, curious, flexible, funny, friendly, warm, creative, provocative, passionate, wise, straight talking, partner, auntie, friend, god-mother, business woman, positive, enthusiastic, ideas, lover of colourful clothes and jewellery, authentic, learner, brave, doesn’t waste words, tenacious, serene, thoughtful, committed, storyteller.

Welcome to my website. Since starting my business in 2007, with 20 years of experience in leading complex health services, I have been developing a strong track record in working with people to help them stand out and succeed.

I work closely  with my in-house clients and open course delegates here in the UK and overseas, to gain an understanding of their business, work, career, life objectives and the environments in which they operate. I am then able to work with individuals in the moment to support them in achieving their personal and business outcomes through leadership, coaching, influencing, communicating, sales and marketing, programmes.

I believe that  learning is rooted in experience so I design indoor and outdoor activities that get everyone out of their seats and interacting with each other.

In turbulent economic times, training programmes are required to be practical, flexible and value for money, as well as providing learning that is engaging, memorable, and gives attendees the outcomes they are looking for.

I’m also aware that businesses these days require support and expertise in many different forms. Through my extensive network of relationships within the training and development community, I am able to introduce expert advice, training, and support, in a number of key areas where a specific expertise or additional training need is identified, over and above my core programmes.

From thousands of hours of coaching, training, and facilitation, I have embedded my own thinking around the richness of learning I have gained from real experiences, various workshops, colleagues, and reading. I find that it allows me to work with flexibility and congruence with the people I am with.

Dogs are one of my passions and I am pioneering the use of dogs in leadership training and development, as featured in ILM Edge Online Magazine. I have also featured in two books – Clean Approaches for Coaches, and Essential Career Transition Coaching Skills, as well as being the author of several e-books and blogs. Running coach training programmes, speaking at seminars, mentoring new coaches, and a number of fledgling freelancers, helps me to maintain a commitment to learning where I can both thrive and be giving to others.

I believe that leadership today is not about command and control. It’s simply about connecting and engaging as human beings, in a sentient, non-judgemental and respectful way.  I am honoured to have been described as “bringing humanity back to the workplace”…what I address over and over is how…

Angela Watson