Building Trust Based Relationships

A Professional and Personal Development Workshop at Pitt Hall Farm

Join us at Pitt Hall Farm, Friday 27th November, 2015

IMG_0872Pitt Hall Farm

Leaders are faced with the critical role of helping followers succeed. This workshop begins with an incredibly compelling story. The story is about one woman and her dog, and their experiences in the competitive dog show ring. It’s a story about trust, connection, engagement and obedience.

We have created a workshop that helps leaders learn to transfer key learnings from the obedience ring back to work and everyday life. Participants will walk away from the session with new tools and insights to form trust with others, and the skills required to build more trusting, rewarding relationships. The programme is held at the gorgeous Pitt Hall Farm.

The programme includes:

  • A live demonstration of the human-canine bond
  • An exploration of the impact of personal communication styles on building trusting relationships
  • A human to human trust building experience

The workshop investment including all meals and materials is £149.00

Registration: Contact or 0791 770 1691

Quetsions: Contact or 0791 770 1691

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