Canine Assisted Coaching and Learning

Understanding CAC and CAEL

Canine Assisted Coaching and Canine Assisted Experiential Learning (CAC/CAEL) are  powerful and effective approaches that affect lasting change on individuals, groups, and organisations.

CAC / CAEL are experiential in nature. This means participants learn about themselves by taking part in activities with the dogs, and then processing feelings, behaviours, and patterns with trained facilitators and professional coaches.

CAC/ CAEL may present metaphors that mirror real life situations, and offer opportunities for experiencing how we are in our relationships with others. We can learn tools for new ways of relating and become more effective in all relationships, including the most important relationship, – the one with ourselves!

Key Teaching Themes included in the sessions are: Leadership, Assertiveness, Nonverbal and Verbal communication, Trust, and Teamwork.