Clean Facilitation Skills Master Class

During my career as a coach, trainer, and facilitator  there have been a few significant people in my life. They are people who have profoundly influenced both the way that I facilitate groups and the way that I coach. One of these is David Grove, the master of Clean Questions.


I first discovered the work of David Grove 7 years ago when I stumbled upon a transcript of him working with a client. I was deeply moved by his gentle yet effective approach and I have been studying his work ever since. Sadly I never met him in person due to his untimely death in 2008. But thank goodness NLP modellers Penny Tompkins and James Lawley studied him closely for many years and were able to distil his work into what we know today as Clean Language, as well as Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge.

What I have learnt from them and others in the field, has become an integral part of my own coaching, training, and facilitation style, and I’ve put together this session to share this learning with you, and how I have developed this work for use with my own coaching clients and course delegates. We will start the day by asking you what you want to have happen and develop the course from there. And there are some definite course outcomes.

By being part of this programme you’ll learn how to:

  • Coach, train, facilitate, lead groups and individuals using a clean approach and hold space for others in which they can be safe, trusting and discovering the essence of who they are.
  • Use clean questions to set up a coaching session, meeting, workshop, ensuring that different needs and agendas are accounted for.
  • Use the 12 basic and specialist clean questions to explore how metaphoric language creates and reflects the experiences we have in life and how by exploring the options we have with the metaphors we use we can become the best we can be.
  • Facilitate a coaching session using a range of clean questions to develop a goal,  explore personal time frames, explore congruence or explore a negative state.
  • ‘Stay clean’ and remain in  a ‘not knowing’ state, giving your undiluted attention without any agenda or expectation, enabling others to take ownership of their experiences in life and manage themselves to achieve what they really want.
  • Recognise patterns in others and create a state for coaching, training, facilitating which respects these patterns.
  • End sessions in a way that encourages individual responsibility and ownership of outcomes and actions.
  • Create inclusive, respectful environments where the unique contribution of each individual is valued and respected.
  • Give non judgemental observational ‘clean’ feedback that the recipient of the feedback can do something with it and has a choice in the way they respond to that feedback .
  • Capture the experience of those around you in a compelling way, creating a shared experience of your own and other’s reality.

You can expect to coach and be coached using a clean approach and to receive guidance on all that you do.

Price: £249

Date: Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Venue: Donnington Grove, Newbury, Berkshire

Maximum attendees: 10 participants for maximum tutor time

Please contact to book your place.

Comments from participants:

“I was amazed at how well clean questions surface reflective material that really makes a difference, helping me to communicate, lead and facilitate in the various leadership and educational roles I have. ”Dr Richard Mann – GP Tutor and Mentor

You can’t imagine how much that question “what would you like to have happen?” has unlocked a “door” into my more effective coaching. Angela, I am fast becoming your number one  fan.”  Simon Spence, Quality Coach with Macdonald’s Restaurants UK Ltd.

Angela I just wanted to share this morning’s brilliant “clean” moment…I tried one of the fabulous new “clean” processes with a client I have been working with on and off for many years. She came in and specifically asked to work on goal setting so I told her about the process I learned on your course. She was sceptical at first but decided to give it a go. The result was, in her words, “it’s the first time I have ever made a connection with my goal!” Wow!!! I can see this is going to be a brilliant tool for me, thank you.!!!” Sue Burt, Personal Fitness Coach & Trainer,

Your thoughts?

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