See what we’ve done for our clients – and what we could do for you. It’s easy to big ourselves up, but as someone once said, talk is cheap! It’s results that matter.

We pride ourselves on our results and the value we add to individuals and organisations so we’ve pulled together a few case studies and testimonials that show you what we’ve achieved.

We want to expand our client list to work with Top 100 companies; Much of our work to date is with the NHS. Our clients include:

NHS South Central, Bedford Hospitals NHS Trust, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, HumanTechnics Ltd, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, Basingstoke and North Hamsphire Hospitals, The Institute For Innovation and Improvement, Merton Local Education Authority, Wessex Courses, GP Practices (various), Research Sites Restoration, The Institute for Action Learning, Charity Days.


Here are some examples of our work.

The Pawz4Thought Programme

The Practice Leaders Programme

Leadership Development Centres

Advanced Certificate In Executive Coaching and Mentoring

1-1 Coaching Programmes For Healthcare Professionals


Pawz4Thought Programme 2013 and ongoing

In January 2013 we ran the Pawz4Thought Experience Day at the Wellington Arms, near Basingstoke. The participants were from various backgrounds including business owners, training consultants, and senior managers.

We devised what we think is a unique format – we facilitated the participants to model what can be achieved in human – canine relationships by observing a competition dog and handler in action. We then facilitated the participants to experience various communication styles and activities in short (10 – 15 minute) sessions. They did this in a very practical way, using the metaphor of a “dog show” to practise and develop some different strategies, and behaviours.

In between those sessions, the participants were facilitated to explore their discoveries using Clean Questions to organise themselves to make new changes. Cycling round these activities several times during the session produced some individual and collaborative insights that were translated into everyday work and life situations. We started the session posing the following question: In your work, are you the dog, the handler, the steward, or the judge? …And now participants know.


The Practice Leaders Programme 2008 – 2012

In the 2008 the Practice Leaders project team recruited us to co-design and deliver a leadership development programme for primary care leaders across a range of specialties including, GP’s, Practice Managers, and allied health professionals, in Portsmouth. The programme consisted of 3 modules including facilitated input on effective communication, action learning sets, and was linked to a work-based service improvement project. The programme ran for 4 consecutive years bringing change in healthcare which represented a significant impact for respective communities. We co-authored a paper “Developing competent and capable improvement leaders in NHS general practice: an evaluation of the Practice Leaders Programme (Portsmouth)”, published by Radcliffe publishing, which reported that there was a statistically significant improvement in the leadership competence of GP’s in Primary Care; improved self perception of leadership competence amongst doctors; increased self confidence in the ability to lead and improve services. The paper can be ordered from The International Journal of Clinical Leadership.


Leadership Development Centres – NHS South of England – 2007 – present and continuing

We continue to help deliver a series of Leadership Development Centres run by Wessex Courses as part of their ongoing Professional Programmes. They were originally designed for specialist registrars but are now multi-professional as well as including many registrars. They are experiential workshops and participants have the opportunity to work with actors, and politicians to explore their own situations, understand their communication preferences, and practice different approaches to difficult leadership challenges.


Advanced Certificate In Executive Coaching and Mentoring – ILM Level 7 – 2010 to present

We were commissioned by HumanTechnics to partner with them to design and deliver the Advanced Certificate In Executive Coaching and Mentoring, accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Managament (ILM Level7) and Bristol Business School (Masters level credits). This is the benchmark qualification for coaches, HR & L&D professionals who coach as part of their roles, and senior executives looking to develop high level skills in developing performance in others. This postgraduate award offers a thorough programme of development and assessment leading to two nationally recognised qualifications. This is a 5 day programme which we deliver four to five times a year.


1-1 Coaching Programme for Healthcare Professionals 2007-2011

We were commissioned by NHS Education South Central (NESC) to design and deliver a 1-1 Coaching programme to support 100+ clinical staff following attendance on Wessex Professional Programmes. It was a multi-professional programme and included many specialist registrars preparing for their first Consultant role.



“I thoroughly enjoyed the Pawz4Thought day and gained insights into individual and collective communication methods that I can utilise both professionally and personally. First class training in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. I’d like to thank Harry and Lucy for their joyous input as teachers too” Participant on the Pawz4Thought Experience Day

“A fun and unique way to practice modelling, team work, and communication skills” Participant on the Pawz4Thought Experience Day

“I just wanted to share this morning’s brilliant “clean” moment…Tried one of the fabulous new “clean” processes with a client I have been working with on and off for many years. She came in and specifically asked to work on goal setting so I told her about the process I learned on your course. She was skeptical at first but decided to give it a go. The result was, in her words, “it’s the first time I have ever made a connection with my goal!” Wow!!! I can see this is going to be a brilliant tool for me, thank you.!!!” Participant on Coaching With Clean Questions Masterclass

Angela is an inspirational coach and trainer with a passion for promoting learning and personal development. Angela’s quiet, positive and thoughtful work has given me new and invaluable insights into my coaching practice, and has aided me in making key career and business decisions. Angela’s approach is powerful and thought-provoking, and has delivered measurable results for myself and my clients. Participant on Say It! Hear It! The Power of Effective Communication Course and Coaching Client

Angela trains in a very warm and encouraging way. Her style is supportive, giving help where she can see it is needed and she gives space for people to discover and learn in the way that is best for them – giving a comfortable stretch. I attended Angela’s Clean Language and NLP foundation course and was particularly interested in the clean language aspects, having previously trained as an NLP Master Practitioner. Angela managed to skilfully (and subtly) run the course on a variety of different levels at the same time – benefitting both people with background knowledge or no previous experience. Angela offers thought-provoking training in a safe and supportive environment. Participant on Say it! Hear it! The Power of Effective Communication Course

“I have had the privilege of working with Angela for the last 12 months whilst studying for professional coaching qualifications. Angela is an excellent coach, mentor and facilitator. She demonstrates passion for what she does; and uses a blend of Clean Language and NLP coaching methods that really work. Angela is warm, encouraging and patient. I am looking forward to starting NLP Practitioner training with her this year and would recommend her to anyone seeking the guidance of a highly competent and professional expert in this field.” Participant on the Advcanced Certificate In Executive Coaching Course.

“I was amazed at how well clean questions surface reflective material that really makes a difference to my understanding of my situation helping me to communicate, lead and facilitate in the various leadership and educational roles I have.” Participant on Say It! Hear It! The Power of Effective Communication Course

“Clean Communication is an area that has made a positive difference. I use the clean communication techniques to manage situations so that I am able to fully understand issues and avoid misunderstandings that may later emerge” Participant on the Practice Leaders Programme.

“Angela, I wanted to let you know that the conflict resolution stuff worked GREAT! and I had an extremely surreal experience during a meeting when I decided to be myself, align myself etc….and the whole atmosphere of the meeting changed like magic, we spent a lot of time talking about values not just business, it was a more relaxed atmosphere (loads of people commented on this afterwards) and it was hard to shut me up I kept speaking up during the meeting as I felt more comfortable and got great feedback….YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! thank you so much”. Nurse Consultant – Coaching Client

“You can’t imagine how much that question “what would you like to have happen?” has unlocked a “door” into my more effective coaching. Angela I am fast becoming your number one fan.” Participant on Say It! Hear It! The Power of Effective Communication Course

“Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her participants to exceed their personal boundaries and think for themselves to gain deeper insights, and greater self-awareness” Participant on the NLP Practitioner Programme

For me, it was an engaging and hugely insightful experience. Thank you for being you and for sharing an amazing learning experience.” Participant on the NLP Practitioner Programme

Superb quality training which provides amazing opportunities for self-development personally and professionally” Participant on the NLP Practitioner Programme