NLP Coaching Masterclass

“…I am enough…not perfect…perfect wouldn’t be enough…I am human and that’s enough” Carl Rogers

Pawz4Thought is show casing our unique approach to developing coaching excellence.

We expect you to come with your own outcomes for the day and you can expect to learn how to…

  • Create a positive state for coaching conversations
  • Manage your own state to create resourceful states in others.
  • Build deeper levels of trust and rapport
  • Discover and embody the beliefs that support excellence in coaching.
  • Select the appropriate change intervention (NLP model, Clean Question, technique) to facilitate learning and change.
  • Embody a state of continuous learning through your ability to give and receive feedback.
  • Be aware of your use of language and challenge your assumptions to increase learning and change.
  • Model and embody your own metaphors for coaching in a connected, confident, and authentic way.
  • Be ‘here’, be present, and nowhere else.
  • Expect to coach and be coached to get nearer to your and others true potential.
  • Be the example that inspires others by becoming a model of excellence for learning and change.

This two day masterclass will enable you to amplify, anchor and accelerate your own performance as a coach and increasingly empower you to reach your and others true potential.

Harry at the Inspire Day
‘Dog Whispering’

Excellent coaches connect with their clients in an authentic and congruent way; dogs have an uncanny knack for reading people. They live in the moment and will give open and honest feedback about how you are relating to them. They pick up on your emotional state. If the handler is sensed as inauthentic, lacking confidence, or unsure, they will not be trusted by the dog. When the handler is effective, the dog and handler are working as one, joined by what appears to be an invisible thread and communicating telepathically. You can’t fake it til you make it with a dog!

Coaching with NLP relies on the coach engaging fully and personally with the learning process. In other words, for the coaching process to make a difference, the coach and subject are working as one. Coaches need to be trusted to be effective.

You will have the opportunity to learn and practice techniques that will help you become an even more effective coach. The highly experiential nature of this workshop will help you to really practice and embody key skills to enable you to coach in a congruent and connected way.

Our masterclass is highly interactive. You will be guided through the day by skilled facilitators who are experienced and skilled in NLP, coaching, and ‘dog whispering’.

After a welcoming coffee and an introduction to our delightful venue, you will have the opportunity to explore coaching through the medium of  ‘Dog Whispering’ before practising and applying the techniques to your own coaching style. Refreshments will be served throughout the day including a fabulous buffet lunch.

We welcome coaches at any stage in their career. So whether you are an experienced coach or just starting your coaching journey, you will benefit from our masterclass.

The investment is £299 per participant. Places are limited to 8 and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Contact Angela Watson at Pawz4Thought for more information and to book a place.

Pawz4Thought uses ‘Dog Whispering’ and embodied learning techniques to raise personal awareness of core interpersonal skills. Dogs have their own language. Mastering how we can understand and communicate with our four legged friends opens up the opportunity for learning how to communicate with anyone in any given context.