Coaching with Clean Questions Master-Class

I believe that many people want to create their own businesses but are too scared to take the plunge. We’ve devised learning programmes that give you the tools and confidence you need to create a sustainable enterprise.

A unique, transformational coaching training programme which will equip people in enabling their clients to reach their full potential. Pawz4Thought Coaches work according to principles of a Clean Approach and base their work on the 10 key behaviours.

This master-class offers the opportunity to learn how to work at a deeper psychological level with clients to help them achieve the results they want.

This interactive master-class will be practical and I will introduce you to a number of highly  effective and powerful questioning techniques to facilitate your clients to look at things from different perspectives, get past blocks and challenges, and develop a plan of action that works for them. Importantly, you will get the chance to practice and learn how to use a number of Clean processes for yourself….

This one day training provides the opportunity for experienced coaches to:

  • Master coaching with clean questions and emergent knowledge
  • Master coaching using the client’s metaphors and gestures.
  • Learn how and when to use a Clean approach in your coaching


On this one day master-class you will learn the tools, techniques, and know how to:

  • Integrate the 6 key attributes of Clean Coaching into your current coaching or facilitation practice.
  • Use David Grove’s Emergent Knowledge technique to help your clients really connect with their goals, develop a goal, change a barrier, explore an issue, make a decision…the list is endless
  • Learn how using a Clean approach will help you avoid the trap of the Drama Triangle (Rescuer, Victim, Persecutor)
  • Start a coaching session using a “set up” process that encourages responsibility
  • Discover how to use Clean Questions in coaching, training, business, and in any circumstances where you want to facilitate learning.



Maximum attendees:

6 participants

Date and Time:

April 26th 2014 9.00 – 5pm


Angela Watson


Bishopswood Golf Course
Bishopswood Lane
RG26 4AT

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This one day training is a ‘must’ for all coaches and individuals who are keen to learn more about a clean approach and incorporate it into their practice.

Comments from coaches:

“I have tried Clean Language a few times but it had never really clicked …until now”.  Delegate at the Inspired 2 Learn Conference.

“I was amazed at how well clean questions surface reflective material that really makes a difference, helping me to communicate, lead and facilitate in the various leadership and educational roles I have. ”Dr Richard Mann – GP Tutor and Mentor

You can’t imagine how much that question “what would you like to have happen?” has unlocked a “door” into my more effective coaching. Angela, I am fast becoming your number one  fan.”  Simon Spence, Quality Coach with Macdonald’s Restaurants UK Ltd.

Angela I just wanted to share this morning’s brilliant “clean” moment…I tried one of the fabulous new “clean” processes with a client I have been working with on and off for many years. She came in and specifically asked to work on goal setting so I told her about the process I learned on your course. She was sceptical at first but decided to give it a go. The result was, in her words, “it’s the first time I have ever made a connection with my goal!” Wow!!! I can see this is going to be a brilliant tool for me, thank you.!!!” Sue Burt, Personal Fitness Coach & Trainer,