Coaching and Engaging With Presence – Introducing Canine Assisted NLP

Transformational coaching goes beyond the use of processes, tools, and techniques. Transformational coaches have highly developed sensory awareness, pick up on the most subtle and often invisible cues, ask powerful questions, and ‘hold the space’ for their clients by being fully present.

You may have heard of NLP and this programme combines core NLP thinking and coaching skills with experiential canine facilitated learning that will enhance the way that you manage yourself as well as others, the way you communicate, coach, lead, manage change, and embed all of this into the way you coach yourself and others.  We take pride in the way that we facilitate your learning on this programme with personal guidance and feedback from me – Angela, and from my skilled team of canine assistants.

Our Pawz4Thought programmes provide a rare opportunity to experience a radically different approach, and to engage with dogs as a metaphor for interpersonal and business development.  We also recognise the profound learning available from the non-verbal, ‘in the moment’, instant, honest, accurate feedback dogs give about ‘who we are’ and how we ‘show up’. This is not ‘role’play…this is ‘real’ play!

The lessons will begin with canine discoveries – looking at the subtle and often invisible ways we present ourselves to those in front of us. The lessons will then build on the foundation established from these discoveries and go on to include themes such as being fully present and in a peak coaching state, sensory awareness, asking insightful questions, picking up on other’s energy, and unravelling these complexities to access our most generous, most courageous, most congruent self’s, ‘to be’ with people fully, bringing about trust and true conversation.

A&HNewbury Dave Scott pic
Photo courtesy of Dave Scott

There will be experiments in observation and sensory awareness with partners and in small groups, which will validate and deepen the learning from the canine lessons. Facilitated activities will help you embody new actions and ways of being.

You will learn how to ‘dog whisper’ using core NLP techniques and you have the choice of bringing your own dog with you for practise sessions. On completion of the programme you will be awarded an NLP Diploma With Canines certificate.

Dates 2015:

September 15th – 17th.

The cost for the course is £949 and is designed for personal development only. If you are interested in learning the Canine Facilitated Learning Method for professional use, please look on the website for our professional programmes.


Pitt Hall Barn, Pitt Hall Farm, nr Newbury, Berkshire.

For further information and to book please contact or send us a message via the form below.