Say It! Hear It! Communicating For Results

Effective team work requires effective leadership. Effective leadership requires effective communication.

To be effective every day, it’s essential that you communicate well with people at every level. With so many things to do, do you have the power to engage and influence the range of people you need to achieve the results you want?

Say it! Hear It! Communicating For Results gives you access to the skills that are essential for you to motivate, communicate, and ultimately enhance your career, your business, and your life.

Book a place on this 2 day event which will be held on January 14th -15th 2013 in Basingstoke, Hampshire UK.

Truly effective leaders are truly great communicators. And with hundreds of interactions each day – with clients, colleagues, teams, executives -it’s essential to not only communicate but to have the skills to engage and influence people. That takes practice and skill. Now you have the opportunity to gain both.

Say It! Hear It! Communicating For Results Seminar, from Angela Watson’s NLP Practitioner Programme gives you easy access to the key drivers of your daily communication. Learn how to turn everyday work situations such as meetings, discussions, interviews, resolving conflict, presentations into clear, engaging experiences with the ultimate aim of sustaining high performance and service delivery. Tools and tips that you can use again and again, giving you practical guidance and personal coaching on the key skills essential for performing more effectively and making an impact on your career.

This unique seminar with it’s multi-sensory experiences will amplify and anchor your experience


  • Discuss the complexities of communication and understand why it can go wrong so easily.
  • Communicate and agree objectives with your team
  • Understand the impact your communication preferences have on those around you and deliver engaging presentations customised to the audience.
  • Influence your colleagues, team, management with confidence.
  • Lead, facilitate, and motivate your team to get things done
  • Develop a range of tools for more effective communication and understanding.
  • Explore an issue, or outcome of your choice that’s a challenge for you in becoming an even better communicator in your work and life.
  • Create engaging working relationships that respect the thinking, the contribution, and problem solving ability of everyone at every level.


Communicating For Results offers easy access to the tools, know how, and real-world experiences that managers call on every day, helping you influence, present, lead, and facilitate with strength and assurance.

For just £375 you gain access to the breadth of knowledge on communication essentials that this Communication skills programme delivers, cutting edge tools, tips, how to’s, self-tests, and interactive group excercises that help you prepare for whatever your job requires.

It promises to be a useful event and if you feel it may be of interest to you or your organisation please contact us and ask for Angela.

This seminar can also be delivered as an in-house event, or in part as a team away day.

Learning Outcome:This live, interactive, skills training seminar will help you improve both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, influencing skills, presenting skills, listening and questioning skills.