SAY IT! HEAR IT! Communicating Powerfully At Work

You’ve heard the old adage, It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it…well truth be told, it’s both! And that’s what SayIt! HearIt! is all about.

Going beyond our Corporate K9 programmes (that’s about getting the best from your team), Say it! Hear It! is about using your mouth and ears in the right amount.

It’s a one-day fast track to effectve communication and motivation at work – boosting attitude, confidence and awareness of how our thinking, behaviour, and words influence our results with colleagues,patients, and customers.

We’ll be looking at…:

  • Listening – how to listen with openness and curiosity to ignite thinking
  • Better understanding – how to use clean questions to improve understanding and reduce conflict
  • Impact and influence – Understanding how we code information and the impact your communication has on those around you.
  • Rapport – building empathy and how to create the conditions for non-judgmental, respectful, productive conversations to happen.
  • Empowerment –  Using Clean Language – the key to motivating and encouraging responsibility.
  • Follow up – extra sessions from 1-1 coaching to team facilitation…or whatever you want to have happen.

Whether you are managing difficult 1-1 situations or chairing meetings, Say It! Hear It! is designed to give you control over the conversation.

Your thoughts?

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