Training and Workshops

These corporate workshops are unconventional, energetic, and intensive. If you’re looking for a public workshop please take at look at the events section. Participants learn by doing rather than discussing. They’ll be taken on an alternative journey of discovery, involving intense learning with real people, real dogs, and real results. Experiential learning activities have been proven to be more memorable, and through this participants will obtain powerful insights and return to everyday life with renewed focus and heightened awareness of themselves and the way they interact with others.

Workshops focus on:

The Language: The way language is used and how you sound, the tone, pitch, and pace. How to build rapport by speaking their language, listening, using pauses, and repeating back to show you have listened and understood. Hold straight conversations where the message is clear. Use storytelling as an indirect way of getting your message across.

The Listening; The 4 levels of listening. How to listen to ignite thinking, to repeat back, and to give full attention to another person. Appreciate the power of silence and become more memorable by showing genuine interest and curiosity in the what the other person is saying.

The Questions: How to ask open questions in a way that makes it easy for the other person to hear and respond in their own way without fear of being judged or hidden agendas, is a key leadership skill. One that most new leaders need to develop.

The benefits of our corporate workshops include:

  • Experiential learning which reveals and improves barriers to communication
  • An appreciation for differences and diversity, improves personal awareness and communication skills.
  • A motivational learning environment because you are engaged!
  • Teaching empathy and willingness to accept responsibility.

These workshops are about leading with authenticity, congruence and alignment. It is having a clarity of vision and purpose that enables participants to connect and inspire others in a way that impacts positively on their business, local and global environments.

These unique programmes with their multi sensory experiences will amplify, accelerate and anchor learning in a way that will empower participants to have improved communication skills, being able to get the results they want, assisting others in achieving their goals and enabling them to be inspirational leaders and coaches in their own way.

When you’re interested in building the verbal and non-verbal skills associated with leadership and mutually respectful relationships do get in touch.

As effective communication is key to so many industries our programmes are tailored to any sector.

Your thoughts?

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