Pawz4Thought Training Delivery Options

Select in-person workshops, real-time online training 1-2-1, or a blended learning solution. Pick the modules that work best for your needs.

Our training is modular, experiential, and flexible. Together, we create the optimal training solutions for your organisation. We use activities designed to help your leaders integrate and apply the learning in their unique context.

Workshop topics include:

  • How to create compelling outcomes for  yourself and your teams – thinking proactively, not reactively
  • How to manage your thinking, emotions, and feelings, so that you always have access to your most resourceful state
  • How to influence, developing the flexibility and sensitivity to relate to individual unique needs
  • How to listen with openness and curiosity using clean questions to improve understanding and reduce conflict
  • How to build rapport –  with anybody fast
  • How to use stories to inspire and motivate
  • How to give high quality feedback that people use.
  • How to negotiate a win-win
  • How to recognise different levels of change
  • How to achieve a state of alignment for yourself
  • How to identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to transform them into beliefs that empower you and those who work for you
  • How to motivate yourself and your team ino action, even when time is short.

To learn more about our programmes – pricing, delivery, and role out – contact us.

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