About Us

The purpose of Pawz for Thought is to promote cooperation, communication, and collaboration between people using varying approaches to facilitating change. The Pawz for Thought suite of programmes is part of PGD Coaching Solutions Ltd founded in 2007 by Angela Watson, BA Hons, RN.

Pawz for Thought specialises in the cognitive, behavioural, and psychological aspects of human behaviour. We integrate a variety of disciplines and approaches into the Pawz for Thought suite of programmes including: Neuro Linguistic Programming,  Clean Language, and “dog whispering” techniques.

Pawz for Thought was formed to encourage awareness of the connections between the mind and body and the way individuals relate to themselves and others.

The Pawz for Thought suite of open programmes includes Certified NLP training at all levels including NLP Practitioner, Master Practitoner,  and Trainer’s Training. We also specialise in incorporating our programmes and seminars into the client’s existing training programme and so we often work with a training organisation or one of our partners to deliver a bespoke one day programme as part of, for example, an NLP, Executive or Life Coach training programme, any where in the world.

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