Effective Coaching Skills For Managers

How to make a more meaningful impact as a leader through effective and productive coaching conversations.

Line managers and HR professionals are often the first coaches of an employee. But they are frequently sent out to ‘coach’ with little training and no tools. The conversation proceeds haphazardly perhaps, sometimes is too vague and sometimes takes the form of advice, rather than a structured conversation that leads the person to a new understanding of the behaviour or skill they are trying to develop.

How can you make these conversations more productive for all concerned? What makes a coaching conversation more purposeful than ‘just a chat’? How do you remember what tool to use and when? This 2 day coaching skills for managers workshop, which takes tools and techniques from Sir John Whitmore, NLP, and Clean Language, will enable you to learn how to structure a coaching session, the questions to use with a coachee, and then apply your learning to the development of your personal coaching and leadership style.

Contact Pawz4Thought to learn how we can customise this and other Leadership Workshops for your company.



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