Clean Coaching With Emergent Knowledge ΣK™

The Science of Emergence

How would it be if you could effortlessly achieve your goals? Turn innate obstacles such as fear, anxiety, anger or limiting behaviour patterns, into energies which work with you instead of against you?

A peak state is often referred to as being in a “state of flow”, or ” in the zone,” a “natural state of being” in which mind, body, soul and spirit are of one accord.  When an Emergent KnowledgeΣK™ solution is complete, the internal changes achieved automatically re-align what you are able to know, think, feel or achieve. No effort is required. You feel energised and in balance.

So often we try to force change upon ourselves. For example, when we want to change a habit we force ourselves using “will-power” (dogs use instinct). While that may work for a time it is often short-lived.

Coaching using Emergent KnowledgeΣK™ processes is not about forcing change. The coach doesn’t motivate, encourage or challenge. In this way habits will change naturally and easily; and client’s will reach their own conclusions according to their nature and their resources.

One of the reasons that this process seems effortless is because an Emergent KnowledgeΣK™ solution is evidenced by a natural and congruent fit for the client. Practice, reinforcement, or will-power isn’t required to maintain the solution.

Simply, when it comes to making important changes to resolve problems or achieve goals,  Emergent KnowledgeΣK™ solutions are more powerful, fast and effective than any amount of forcing.

Emergent KnowledgeΣK™ processes enable you to connect and achieve your goals effortlessly.

“refraining from activity contrary to Nature…would bring about the desired result.” Joseph Needham, Science and Civilization in China

We run introductions to Clean Language, and Coaching With Emergent KnowledgeΣK™ masterclasses. For more information contact us or look at diary dates.