Facilitator outcomes

Your outcome in assisting Pawz4Thought is to be a model of learning and to demonstrate how you are living out the values you shared on your own NLP training programme. The facilitation team is there to support delegates. There are a number of ways you can achieve this and they include:

  • Contribute and share your learning with the whole group
  • Operate under the banner of Pawz4Thought
  • Keep the whole group in your attention at all times and be a model of listening and concentration at all times,
  • Offer feedback with rapport and be open to receiving feedback as a model of excellence of both giving and receiving.
  • Notice what you are paying attention to.
  • Keep the group in your attention all the time especially when the group is doing subgroup exercises. Remain quiet, ready and watching ready to respond to any group need.
  • Be with and facilitate a group of people in such a way that demonstrates your talent and excellence and inspire them to do the same
  • Listen with humility in a way that encourages others to give fully of themselves and discover their innate creativity and personal strengths.
  • Speak and respond in a way that is compelling, inspiring, respectful and honest
  • Be an example of commitment and learning
  • Have the capacity to give generously of yourself in a way that constantly creates the space for new growth and learning
  • Sacrifice your personal wants in the interest of the group.
  • Show your vulnerability when appropriate but also manage your state so that you are constantly resourceful in your support of others.
  • Embrace all situations as opportunities for learning for you and the group
  • See the potential in everyone