For Competitors

Imagine, just for a moment, being in the “zone”, working in harmony with your dog, each of you working in tandem as a perfect team together, feeling at your very best, turning all the hours of practice into the results you want to see, hearing competitors, stewards, and judges congratulating you, and just knowing it was worth it…

As a competitor, you will probably want some or all of the following from your sport:

  • to see yours and your dog’s performances improve
  • to maintain a high level of consistency
  • to get your hands on more rosettes
  • to progress through the classes faster
  • to have more fun and enjoyment in your hobby
  •  to be in tune with your best friend, to be an even better team

Some of the key issues that almost all dogs and handlers find from time to time are:

  • feeling a lack of confidence
  • lapses in concentration and focus
  • difficulty in coping in pressure situations
  • lack of motivation
  • poor preparation for training and shows
  • negative reactions to events, such as poor judging decisions and “mistakes” in the ring
  • feeling nervousness/anxiety
  • how to be in the ‘zone’ when it really matters

On this website you will be able to obtain numerous resources such as:

  • free articles, ebooks, and downloads
  • training courses and workshops
  • one to one performance coaching for handlers and their dogs