Full Day

Corporate K9 Programme

You’re a company or department of 16 or so people, you pride yourselves on being a bit different, you veer towards dog friendly values and you wouldn’t be seen dead doing a run-of-the-mill teambuilding exercise.

Our Corporate k9 course comprises the morning CRUFTS Experience and in the afternoon we’ll explore the “Corporate Canine Theory of Management”. Serious takeaway business messages will be underpinned by our “Chief Exuberance Officers” reminding us that work and play can feel like the same thing.

Encourage trust, unearth leadership skills and discover how allocation of resources based on strengths can impact the bottom line.

Everyone Wins!

  • Discover what lessons can be learnt in the business world from the way you deal with the “dogs”.
  • Individuals grow in confidence.
  • Teams practice working together and trust each other at a whole new level
  • And the organisation sees an impact on every pawformance measure.

Bespoke Corporate K9 Programme

The Corporate K9 Programme can be tailored to suit your outcomes, context, and content, perhaps splitting the programme into chunks across several weeks, and supported with Pawz4Thought Coaching.

Unleash the potential in your organisation…

To attend an Experience Day or to make enquiries please complete the form below or contact us on 0791 770 1691 /angela.pgd@hotmail.co.uk