Fun Dog Show

So you’re thinking about a teambuilding day for you and your colleagues. You want something different. I mean REALLY different.

There’s been a lot of change in the workplace and your team’s feeling a bit disjointed and in need of a morale boost.

Ever been to a fun dog show or watched Crufts ?

Ever fancied having a go yourself?

The FUN DOG SHOW offers you and a few colleagues that opportunity.

There’s nothing like spending time away from the norm in a totally different environment out in the fresh air with a few four legged friends to give you an event to remember.

The emphasis of the FUN DOG SHOW is about getting your team working together. It’s most definitely fun –but you can’t help to learn a few things about yourself and your fellow ‘handlers’ and ‘dogs’.

Our demonstration dogs will show you just what can be achieved through effective team work and communication.

The Event Format 

The Fun Dog Show is a half day structured event format where the group is divided into teams to rotate through various roles and activities in turn.

We have a large selection of equipment and a team of hand picked facilitators so we can cope with groups form 4 to 64.

The activities don’t challenge people physically, instead they are designed so that people of all ages and levels of fitness can get fully involved, after all it is about team work not bravery!

The programme includes debriefs and discussions throughout. No experience with or interaction with dogs is required.

Your thoughts?

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