Half Day


This is a half day programme.

We’ve devised what we think is a unique format – Participants are facilitated to experience various leadership styles and activities in short (10 – 15 minute) sessions. In between those sessions, they are facilitated to explore their discoveries and to organise themselves to make new changes.

Cycling round these activities several times during the session produces some outstanding insights that can be translated into everyday business and life situations. We start the session posing the following question: In your work, are you the judge, steward, handler, or dog? And by the end, participants know.

The half day course is designed for 4-16 participant who are encouraged to experiment and practice different leadership and communication styles whilst undertaking a series of activities. This is accomplished in a safe environment where pawformance is measured and improved in real time.

Outcomes will include:

Gain a deeper understanding – of yourself, other people, your team, organisation, and business.

Allow the pack to shine – by understanding each others strengths and building relationships based on trust

Embrace your leadership style – learn more about your leadership style and what makes a good leader

Strive for harmony in the pack – master the skills of diplomacy and discover how those skills can be beneficial in business.

Reward in real time – to keep the pack motivated to do good work

Pay attention – score points simply by paying attention and listening without judgement


“Great to practice modelling, teamwork, and communication”

“First class training in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. I’d like to thank Harry and Lucy for their joyous input as teachers too”.

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