Pawz 4 Talks

Need an interactive talk with a unique twist? Angela and Harry (the dog) will win over your guests by demonstrating the art of effective communication. They will leave your audiences reflecting on their approach to leadership in everyday situations such as parenting, teaching, coaching, running a business, leading people.

Their talks address just one question – “how am I communicating?” This is the question that Angela asks to ensure she achieves success in the show ring. Living, working, and training with that question in mind ensures that everything she does is leading towards the results she wants.

“How am I communicating ?”is also the question that with Angela’s ideas – and her answers – you can take away with you and make relevant right now to every single thing that you do. While Harry demonstrates the impact of clear communication on an engaged learner, participants are invited to put ‘dog whispering’ techniques into practice, each taking turn as manager and employee; parent and child; or teacher and learner, and tackling a fiendish course of cones, hoops, and chairs. Harry makes it look so easy!

Talks can be tailored in length and content to suit your arrangements.

If you’d like to check Angela’s availability, or to find out more about how you can combine Angela’s talk with other Pawz4Thought services, please get in touch.