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Coaching, presence, and Impact: Lessons From Nature

A one day workshop at Pitt Hall Barn, north Hampshire, 9.30am – 4.30pm

“Once we pay attention and begin to take the journey only we can take, everything starts to move on our behalf” ~ David Whyte

Pitt Hall trees

This powerful and profound one day experiential personal development event explores the fundamental principles of coaching through learning and applying the art of Canine Assisted Emergent Learning – a method for gaining insight and knowledge using dog whispering, space, and the gift of the natural world for reflection, inspiration and learning. Suitable for individuals exploring a new sense of self and direction in their personal and professional lives, and those working with clients who want to learn these tools.

For many of us there is often a gap between intention and impact, between what we know and what we do, between who we are and how we ‘show up’.  In this course you will discover where some of those gaps are and to become a more effective coach and communicator.

Working in the presence of dogs, participants will come face to face with their personal challenges of coaching and communication. You will find the dogs bring their unique gift of feedback by offering a clean, clear response to how participants ‘show up’, or interact with them. No dog handling is involved, their presence provides a rich opportunity to receive honest feedback about parts of yourself that you have rationalised away, ignored, or are just unable to see. It is a profound learning and development experience.

Your personal outcomes and questions form the focus for this workshop. We will provide a creative space for your important questions to be answered. With personal coaching from facilitators, clean coaching techniques, and guided woodland walks you will get to understand yourself and develop the range of your skills and abilities for coaching and facilitating.  Watching others and group discussion clarifies the principles and lessons for effective coaching and facilitation in practice. We offer models and suggestions in response to what emerges to help you make sense of your experiences. This is a fresh and different approach, and one that works.

We work with individuals and teams on such themes as:

  • Their ability to inspire and motivate
  • Effective questions to empower others
  • Developing confidence and self-belief
  • Exploring sense of self and direction
  • Listening to and giving feedback
  • The clarity of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Recognising innate strengths and talents
  • Raising awareness
  • Personal impact and influence
  • Learning how to build trust and empathy
  • The impact of body language and authenticity
  • How emotional state impacts your interactions
  • Working with high and low energy (your own and others)
  • Being out of your comfort zone

This workshop will be led by Angela Watson, the leading exponent of Canine Assisted Emergent Learning (Dog Whispering), trained and immersed in Emergent Knowledge and Clean Language, methodologies originally developed by David Grove.

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Date: 12th May 2015

Price: £299

Venue: Pitt Hall Barn, Nr Basingstoke, North Hampshire

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