How it works

Pawz 4 Thought incorporates dogs experientially for coaching, and personal development. It’s a clearly defined outcome oriented, structured process facilitated by trained professionals to help people find their strengths, make new discoveries, and find strategies to clear away the clutter that has been keeping them stuck.

Pawz 4 Thought is experiential in nature. This means that clients learn about themselves by participating in activities with the dogs, then discussing feelings, behaviours, and thinking patterns. This approach has been compared to ‘ropes’ courses used by development programmes around the world. But Pawz 4 Thought has the added advantage of partnering with dynamic, sentient beings – dogs.

The main goal of coaching psychology is to increase potential and enhance well being. The results of Pawz 4 Thought show that dogs with their emotional value and interactive capacities can represent an effective method in achieving that goal.

The focus of Pawz 4 Thought is not for the purpose of dog handling or showmanship. The focus of Pawz 4 Thought involves setting up activities involving dogs which will require the client or group to apply certain skills. Non verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, taking responsibility, business, teamwork and relationships, trust building, confidence, inter-personal skills and attitude are several examples of the skills developed by Pawz 4 Thought.

Pawz 4 Thought designs powerful and effective programmes that have a lasting impact on individuals, parents, executives, and groups. Our programmes addresses a variety of business and personal development issues including business decisions, relationship issues, and communication needs.

Pawz 4 Thought has also been shown to be beneficial where the focus is on team and leadership development goals, specifically for learning specific skills such as improved communication, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.

The potential possibilities for Pawz 4 Thought are limitless! For more information on the possibilities please get in touch

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