Preparing for Effective Presentations

Preparing for Effective Presentations £149

Many of us have to prepare for what we perceive as high pressure situations such as presenting or meetings.

One of the things we can learn from Dog Obedience Sports, is that it’s our emotional state probably more than anything else that affects how successful we are in achieving what’s important to us.

You may have spent hours training to be the expert in your field, spent a lot of money on presentation skills courses, but when it comes to the ‘big day’ your emotional state could be the one thing that holds back your success.

Our anxiety during presentations can steer an otherwise good presentation toward a tense, pressurised encounter. When delivering presentations, like competing in dog sports, these feelings can be debilitating and a barrier to success.

We have an antidote to that scenario – a workshop designed specifically to help you prepare for nerve racking encounters. We suggest looking to dog training for a solution.

Through thousands of years of domestication, dogs as experts in non-verbal communication, have developed a keen sensitivity to human emotions and body language. When training dogs it’s more useful to be in a congruent, calm, and relaxed state. That way the dog’s anxiety levels are lower and it’s easier for the dog to learn, and for the handler to perform at their best. It’s the same for humans.

Whether you are new to presenting or an experienced presenter,  we have a different way of helping you prepare for effective presentations using some proven techniques to help you learn how to:

  • Use non-verbal communication to build and maintain rapport
  • Control your breathing
  • Flex your presentation style
  • Remain calm and relaxed under pressure
  • Feel and look confident and credible
  • And actually enjoy presenting…

Now wouldn’t that be great!

It means that you will get more from presenting and reap the rewards and recognition for the time you’ve invested in planning your presentation.

“In my job I have to give presentations on a regular basis. Angela has taught me how to quickly create the frame of mind and right feelings I need to achieve the consistency I’m after and I’m now able to deliver good quality presentations every time” Alan T, GBR Consulting. 

Date: 23rd June 2014

Price: £149 per person

Venue: Bishopswood Golf Course, Tadley, nr Basingstoke

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This programme is also available for business seminars, conferences, corporate away days and conferences.


 NLP Diploma with Dogs – £995

Harry and Angela in rapport!

A unique 3 day NLP Diploma with Dogs Programme

This programme will provide you with an experience of our unique breed of learning with dogs which combines core NLP techniques with experiential canine facilitated learning to develop powerful communication, leadership, and rapport building skills. In sharing with you our unique approaches to NLP, coaching and canine facilitated learning, you will have an enriching and enlightening experience.

You will learn core NLP techniques, tools, and strategies combined with lessons from Dog Whispering and how to apply them to everyday life, work, and coaching situations. Upon successful completion of the programme you will be awarded an NLP Diploma in Coaching Certificate.

Price £995 per person

Date: Coming Soon.



Bookings and Enquiries

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We can deliver these sessions anywhere in the UK, at conferences, business seminars, and as in-house programmes.

Pawz4Thought also makes a terrific team building day. There are various learning activities that we can design as bespoke experiences for you and your team, depending upon the outcomes that you require. Just get in touch to find out more.