In House Coach Training & Development

In-house coach training and development

Increasingly organisations are seeking to develop a coaching culture and expand their internal coaching capacity. This can include establishing an internal ‘coaching bank’ of qualified coaches and developing managers in using coaching for engagement.

Coaching is an empowering means of developing talent and growing leaders of the future. It can enable managers to have effective conversations that promote responsibility, handle performance issues, clear barriers, and focus on solutions.

Creating A Coaching Culture

We can help your think through what you want to achieve from internal coach training, development or supervision, and coach skills training for line managers. Programmes can be tailor made and can include training required for entry level accreditation.

Coaching skills training

We design and run coaching skills programmes for directors, HR & L&D professionals, and senior and middle managers to fit with the culture and goals of the organisation. We provide practical and effective techniques and processes, supported by theory, and plenty of practise. Working in partnership with Human Technics, our partner organisation, we offer university accredited, masters level advanced certificate in executive coaching.

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