Is this you?

Whether you are a small business owner, busy executive, or over-stretched dog owner, you are a leader. You may not think of yourself that way. But that’s what you are. And as leader, you are pulled in many directions and it’s easy to lose sight of the wood and the trees.

Is this you?

People are looking to you for direction and you are wondering why they don’t get what you are telling them to do. You still do a lot of the “work” because, let’s face it, it’s quicker to do everything yourself. Sometimes you think you’re a lone wolf howling in the wilderness and no-one is listening to you.

You know there’s more to this leadership thing but you don’t have time to go to training programmes, let alone remember how to implement what you might learn. So just how do you connect with those you lead and influence? How do you motivate others to take the actions you thought they’d agreed to? How can you meet them where they are at and not where you’re at, listening to them in a way that says ” you are respected and valued?”.

You may be confused why your messages aren’t understood? Perhaps you think that you don’t have what it takes to lead, feeling insecure and afraid you will fail; you don’t feel confident about giving feedback, or dealing with conflict, so you steer away from it, even ignore it hoping it will sort itself out. And you take all that stress home with you, kick the cat, and shout at the dog, don’t you?

It’s time to pause…take a breath, and craft your skills so that your thoughts and emotions about what you don’t do well, don’t get in the way of you taking the lead.

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Or Is this You?

You’re heading for forty and your greatest desire is to step out on your own. Setting aside time for this important change is tough when you are already enjoying success in your professional life and career which means you are probably busy doing what you do, and doing it well.

Are you 20 years into your current career and want to make a major direction change? Are you questioning your career path and not sure which path to take after having made a long term investment in time, energy, and education in this path? Are you scared to take the plunge and worried about how you might disrupt the balanced life you have right now. Better the devil you know, right?

Worried your financial situation will be stretched too tight if you start your own business, nervous and afraid to dream and take the leap? Thinking it’s not the right time for you even though that perfect opportunity has come knocking, perhaps with some guilt about following the dream you have worked for for so long?

All these thoughts and emotions are keeping you exactly where you are right now…this has much to do with your thinking. The way you think determines your beliefs, your behaviour, and ultimately your success and happiness. By making effective changes in your thinking you will become more positive and solution focused, based on your own values and ideas.

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