Angela Watson – Lead Dog Handler

Leadership Lessons From One Woman and Her Dog

Are you working like a dog, handler, steward, or judge?

This is the title of a 20-45 minute talk, which Angela delivers to networking groups, business shows, personal development seminars, charities and coaching groups.

Angela uniquely draws on lessons in leadership from one woman and her dog to teach management, coaching and business seminars. She also shatters the myth of the alpha dog and explores why good management all comes down to clear communication, teamwork, and accountability.

Angela, is genuinely passionate about all things people, dogs, and business. She is a well respected executive coach and trainer, with an extensive background in management and coaching and is pioneering the use of canine assisted coaching and training in her business and personal development of individual’s work and home lives. She is an experienced facilitator known for engaging with and getting the most from her audiences.

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