Today’s leadership is not about command and control; it’s about connecting and engaging with others.

Harry & Angela largeEstablishing an honest rapport, and using the right tone can turn any situation on it’s head. Alternatively just a single word or shift in body posture can reduce your influence.

Dogs have highly tuned senses and therefore are particularly attuned to verbal and non-verbal body language. They live in the moment and give continuous feedback. They are sentient animals and have qualities that make them especially suitable for learning.

Through guided activities with dogs we become more aware of our ability to connect with, engage and motivate those around us. With this heightened understanding we can more effectively engage and motivate those we rely upon to contribute towards business goals and objectives.

Our 1 day Leadership Unleashed programme combines a unique opportunity to discover your leadership strengths, and those areas you need to work on or to further develop those strengths.

If your livelihood depends on you influencing others – we should talk.