Pawz4Thought is about much more than dogs. In our world of excess everything, savvy leaders realise that “less” is actually “best”. They know that delivering a memorable and meaningful vision hinges on team engagement, which is best achieved through a relationship-based approach, where any excessive, confusing or wasted words or behaviours are intelligently and cleverly removed, or never added in the first place.

Over the past 5 years I have looked at many management processes,  lean ideas, coaching techniques, and strategies. Those that achieved the maximum effect with an elegant and minimalist approach all had a few common characteristics.

Clean features. Many people aren’t aware that in the 1980′s, psychotherapist David Grove, quietly developed a communication technique called Clean Language which he used to get outstanding results with his clients. He cut out the clutter in the language he used, paring it down into 12 simple questions that people could use to help clarify their thinking, without fear of interruption or the imposition of another person’s ideas. I have applied this approach to leadership and coaching. The result? Brains primed for achieving creative insights.

Loose reins: The trend towards flatter organisational structures is growing stronger. The epitome of the loose reins approach is “ a stupid or lazy manager” who has no idea of what people are doing because they trust their employees to do their jobs. The “lazy manager” knows they don’t have the expertise to do everyone elses work, and are comfortable not knowing all the answers. Instead they listen, coach and stretch their people, treat their people as individuals, and hear their voice. The result? self-directed, self-sufficient teams, each focused on their specific role.

Silent Minds. A practice that eliminates distraction and clears the mind of mental clutter – is an incredibly effective way to enhance self-awareness, focus, attention and accurate listening. The real skill though lies in the ability to have a silent mind just minutes prior to and during a meeting, appraisal, or in any interaction with people where you want to convey the message ” you are respected and valued”. Result? Silences lead to solutions.

This e-book The Clean Approach To Leadership explores the ideas behind this important leadership and development model – the principles and mind-set of “less is best”.

Feel free to download The Clean Approach To Leadership and read about this elegant, minimalist approach to successful  communication and engagement, as it’s set out in this easy to read 22 page PDF. Click here to download your ebook