Meet The Team

Angela and Mark are highly qualified Executive Coaches with expert delivery skills. Angela is a postgraduate lecturer in coaching and runs training courses for Executive Coaches and Managers for the NHS and has trained leaders in Turkey, India, as well as across the UK.

The dogs are pets first and foremost and live in the house as part of the family. They can be found relaxing in front of the fire or on the sofa when not working. We have happy, sensitive dogs, which is achieved by allowing them to be what they were born to be…DOGS! We also have a successful team structure with the right dogs and humans in the right jobs.

We are not the pack leaders, we are humans and as a company we work under a respect and reward based training system. Our position within the team is that of carer. Our dogs trust us to look after them and their individual needs, we need to be the best we can for them. This means the dog’s safety and well being is paramount and our dogs will never be asked to do more than is possible. You will see they get excited, and eager to work with a big grin on their faces.

We are very proud of our bright-eyed and bushy tailed team!

Your thoughts?

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