Mindful Coaching

Many conversations just scratch the surface. They fail to uncover the real issues and then we wonder why things don’t change.

Ensure the most important things are discussed in your 1:1 meetings –  whether they are meetings between managers and their reports or meetings with your new clients.

Effective coaching conversations develop self-sufficiency and accountability, get you out of the way, and uncover solutions.

Use the clean transforming coaching module in the Pawz4Thought training programme to:

  • Surface self-generated insights and curiosity
  • Uncover self-directed solutions
  • Provide the impetus for action and change

When we access, process and use our own personal thoughts without “interference”, doing so supports sustainable, positive, performance.

Because it draws out solutions, it’s perfect for everyday interactions with internal and external clients, and leaders in more traditional coaching roles.

Contact us to learn more.

Your thoughts?

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