The Power of Effective Communication

This two day programme with the unique inclusion of “dog whispering”techniques is specifically designed to help you develop powerful communication, relationship building and leadership skills.

As you progress through this powerful programme the integration of the two different techniques become entwined into a whole new learning experience that will empower you to be the “difference that makes the difference”in your work and life.

The foundations of the programme are based on these five pillars:

  • Building rapport
  • Outcome thinking
  • Sensory awareness
  • Behavioural flexibility
  • State Management

The course provides excellent tools and techniques for enhancing your self awareness, managing yourself and others, plus personal professional development. This programme has supported participants in finding their own resources to achieve what they want in a way that serves others and the world.

Come and join us for the journey of a lifetime

Investment: £499

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What delegates say about our programmes

Angela trains in a very warm and encouraging way. Her style is supportive, giving help where she can see it is needed and she gives space for people to discover and learn in the way that is best for them – giving a comfortable stretch.

Angela managed to skilfully (and subtly) run the course on a variety of different levels at the same time – benefitting both people with background knowledge or no previous experience. Angela offers thought provoking training in a safe and supportive environment.”

“Angela & Mark bring great energy and fun with their distinctive learning style to creatively motivate and harness the very best in you, whilst offering a safe environment to be coached and explore your inner self”

“Angela provides a high standard of training, which is good value for money and fun”

“Learning is thought provoking, interactive and life changing”

“Angela & Mark provide superb quality training which provides amazing opportunities for self development personally and professionally “

“Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her students to exceed their personal boundaries, think for themselves and to research widely beyond the confines of the subject to gain deeper insights, broader horizons and greater self awareness.”

I cannot think of any higher accolade than to say Angela has opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond my ken”

A belief in excellence, a belief that anything is possible, if you really want it, sums up my experience.

 Angela’s belief that people have all the resources they need to enable greatness to flourish was a constant source of energy and positivity, to me, throughout the entire experience.

For me it was an inspiring journey of discovery learning more about being me and being me with others. It was an engaging, interesting and a hugely insightful experience. I shall be attending more programmes with Angela & Mark”

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