NLP Coaching Skills Course

Many coaches and leaders these days want to supplement their initial coach training with additional, practical coaching skills.

This is a 2 day programme open to all – beginners as well as those with more coaching experience.

What you will learn:

-At least two different coaching models that you can use straight away

-How to create the best state for coaching – in yourself and others

– How to run a formal coaching session from start to finish.

– How to run the first intake coaching session.

– How to use NLP coaching informally and formally – at home, at work, or other situations where it might be useful

– How to use specific NLP tools such as Neurological Levels, Well – Formed Outcomes, and Perceptual Positions in a coaching context.

– How to use clean questions and precision questions in a coaching context.

– How to use hypnotic language and metaphor in a coaching context

Cost: £650

Trainer: Angela Watson

To book and for more information please contact us

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