NLP Training With Angela Watson

Many internal and external coaches these days want to supplement their initial coach training with an additional qualification. And I specialise in offering programmes in the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) especially for use in coaching, in healthcare, and in sport.

NLP was originally designed to be an interactive and in the moment practice. It is essentially about learning. It’s a way of studying what we do, particularly the things we are not consciously aware of, so that we can capture the essence of our own and other people’s excellence, then access and reproduce that consistently. At the heart of NLP is learning the ability to discover our own techniques for what works in our own unique situations. It’s a way of uncovering our unique talents, our own truth and the essence of our best way of being in our interactions with others.

NLP has been expanded throughout the years and when I discovered David Groves’s Clean work, I took a step back to reflect on the ways traditional NLP was being taught. I realised there were different ways of facilitating change with NLP which involved less direct intervention. My programmes reflect these new developments and also include the unique twist of ‘dog whispering’ techniques. As you progress through your learning the integration of the different themes become entwined into a whole new learning experience, bringing new ideas and fresh thinking to the forefront, which adds an extra dimension to NLP training, whilst at the same time honouring the original ethos of NLP – modelling excellence.

Here on my special NLP Practitioner programme you will get to experience NLP for yourself by stepping into this experiential, in the moment work.

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