NLP with dogs

We have a unique NLP experience for you! Come and spend some time with us in the Hampshire countryside and work with our prize winning dog and handler team.

We are experienced NLP trainers with a passion for people’s potential and dogs. We are proud to bring you a unique experience.

Working with the dogs is a great team building experience for established or new teams and it also works brilliantly with groups of people who have never met before. It draws out many levels of learning around communication, team working and leadership.

Extreme events like fire walking and board breaks are powerful tools traditionally used on NLP courses to help transform fear and to inspire people to do things they initially didn’t think possible. Instead of hot coals, we use dogs!

Participants often wonder at the high level of connection and the unique bond between a dog and handler which is outside their area of experience. And some participants worry about being around dogs. Just being in the presence of these highly sentient animals can change the state of a group. And after a morning in the fresh air what better than a pub lunch in a nearby village!

We can design an experience as part of your NLP Practitioner course, which gives participants a unique opportunity to take a look at communication skills. You will notice how people pay attention to different things, depending upon their filters.

Your course participants will also learn more about modelling as they find out what makes a dog and handler team successful in the competition ring. We will captivate you with our knowledge, skills, values and beliefs as you learn about the way in which an experienced dog handler works and the role of the handler in the welfare of the dog. The learnings to take away from this are about how to be excellent in your chosen area of life in whatever way is important for you.

We also offer this great experience as a team building day, with a combination of outdoor and training room activities. There are various learning activities that we can design as bespoke experiences for you and your team, depending upon the outcomes that your require. Just get in touch to find out more.



Your thoughts?

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