Our approach

What we aim to demonstrate with a dog is a metaphor for a style of leadership – people, perform much better if they are equal partners rather obedient participants.

Success in the ‘Obedience’ ring relies on the handler establishing a bond of communication and trust with the dog, creating environments where the dog can succeed. Through a process of state management, self-awareness, and positive thinking, we seek to influence the dog’s behaviour and performance, which is a valuable skill for any team leader, business owner, trainer, coach, and virtually anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness in relating to others.

At the heart of our work with dogs is a belief that with trust you will gain cooperation, that with engagement you will spark motivation. Within the trust based, willing relationship between dog and human, a lesson lies in store for human to human relationships.

Over the years what we have learned in training and working with a dog in competition obedience, mirrors what is required for effective human interactions and we are convinced that our discoveries with dogs have value in the workplace, and in the home. In essence we’re saying that rapport not force, and praise not rage, leads to high performance in humans as well as dogs.