About Pawz4Thought

Why use dogs?

Pawz4Thought teaches you how to apply insights from dog trainers and animal experts to boost creativity, and to motivate and reward your employees. It’s hard to experience this for real in the classroom, so the use of dogs to demonstrate this in team building activities is a key differentiator from other team building events.

The totally different environment allows for experimentation, embracing vulnerability alongside strength and humility alongside confidence.

There’s no fake it ’til you make it where a dog’s concerned. Genuine commitment to the team is required for success in each activity.

Like employees, dogs feel the influence of human leaders in ways that can help or hinder them. ‘Pawz4Thought is based on the principles of Dog Whispering’. ‘Dog Whispering’ is the process of helping a dog engage in a relationship with a human.

A great relationship is based on choice. The dog chooses to spend time with the human because the human is important to him. The human leader uses a series of gestures and commands. When the dog feels valued in the human’s presence he chooses to respond. Not because he has to, or because he will get a treat, but because he wants to. The relationship is a special bond between human and dog that develops over time. The relationship helps the dog and human to connect on a deeper level that allows trust and mutual respect to guide the relationship.

The process is essentially the same for effective leaders around the world who want to have positive and effective relationships with their staff.  Pawz4Thought is a useful tool for understanding how leaders can engage their people, developing relationships based on trust and respect, and support for reaching their goals.