Our delivery style

Inspiring people to achieve peak performance nearly always requires a change in their mindset, and we’re not afraid to raise though-provoking questions or use methods that might be out of the ordinary.

Putting the learner first

Whether it’s a session at a conference or multi-day course, a commitment to excellence requires openness to all the resources that can help us give knowledge and meaning to people through the medium of training. We can choose from the world’s best venues, the best training methods, and a wealth of tools. But learning is not about the tools and everything to do with people. People’s needs and expectations around learning have changed. At Pawz4thought, our approach puts the learner’s needs first, combining communications expertise with our understanding of performance psychology and behavioural change.

We start with the experience, reflect on what’s happening, and use these reflections as the basis for learning

The venues we use and the environment we create clearly reflects this, serving as a powerful and effective complement to face to face interventions. You will not be required to suffer death by powerpoint, or being talked at relentlessly. Our style of training is often described as emergent in the sense that we work with what is happening in the moment in the context of the outcomes of the programme. For us this is what training delivery is all about – being flexible, working in the moment, and sensitive to what is happening with ourselves and others. We strive to create learning environments that genuinely support people to achieve their outcomes and be uniquely themselves. Whatever the project, we aim to design experiences that facilitate learning and deliver content in the most engaging and practical way possible, which may include:

  • Workshops and events
  • Experiential activities (eg Team Building With Dogs)
  • One to one coaching
  • Action Learning Groups
  • Story Telling and Poetry
  • Music and Drawing

in short, we’ll collaborate with you to create the right blend of learning and engagement activities, enabling you and your organisation to achieve your desired outcomes.

Your thoughts?

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