What is Pawz4Thought?

Pawz4Thought is a highly experiential, canine assisted methodology developed by Angela Watson. The method was devised for work with individuals, work teams, and organisational leaders. It can be facilitated in educational, business, and professional settings.

During the process facilitators explore topics such as leadership, team work, communication, employee-engagement, learning, feedback, parenting…the list is endless. Participants are invited to explore the impact their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are having on themselves and others, and identify new choices and practices that will move them towards more congruent and authentic living.

The primary focus is on developing daily habits that transform the way we live, love, parent and lead.

How are Pawz4Thought canine assisted facilitators using this work?

Based on empirical research and our experience facilitating this work, we believe that Pawz4Thought has powerful applications among diverse client populations and across a wide array of settings.

In addition to coaches and training consultants integrating canine assisted activities into their personal and professional development work with individuals and groups, there is the potential for organisational development professionals to use it as the foundation work for how leaders connect, engage, and motivate their teams and members of staff.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it illustrates the broad range of options for this kind of work.

Why is certification required?

As Canine Facilitated Experiential Learning (CFEL) programmes are new to many, we believe it is important to ensure the quality and consistency of our work in this evolving field, and to aid further development. So only Certified CFEL Facilitators are authorised to facilitate Pawz4Thought sessions.

What are the benefits of certification?

The goal of our certification process is not only to prepare professionals in effective, canine facilitated experiential practices, but to build a network of practitioners who believe in the power of learning how to show up as their authentic selves.

We are cultivating a growing network of professionals who have access to peer support, exchange of ideas, mentorship, and other developmental skills and tools. The Canine Assisted Experiential Learning community is an open forum restricted to certified facilitators, trainees, and those wishing to add canine assisted experiential learning activities to the work you are already doing.

  • Membership in the Pawz4Thought referral network.
  • Access to the Pawz4Thought Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Priority registration for Pawz4Thought events and trainings around the country
  • Continuous Professional Development.

The Certification Process

#1 Confirm your eligibility

#2 Apply for course entry

#3 Successfully complete a national or international trainer training programme

#4 Complete and submit a case study.

Click here for full access to the certification process including links to eligibility.