I will expect you to come with your own outcomes for the day and you can expect to learn how to…

  • Understand the key principles of NLP and how to use NLP modelling in coaching
  • Develop the two key coaching skills – listening and asking questions in ways that engage, encourage, and convey the message ‘ you are important and valued’.
  • Create a positive state for coaching conversations and manage your own state to influence others.
  • Set compelling outcomes for yourself that will maximise the way you achieve the results you really want for your personal development and your business.
  • Be aware of your own and others use of both enabling and inhibiting patterns in language and challenge these patterns to increase learning and change.
  • Have greater respect and understanding for the different ways that people make sense of their experience leading to more choice and influence through coaching.
  • Consider and adopt the beliefs that support and create a culture of learning.
  • Expect to coach and be coached to get nearer to your and others true potential.
  • Embody a state of continuous learning though your ability to give and receive feedback.
  • Be the example that inspires others by being a model of excellence for learning.


Your thoughts?

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