Dog Whispering

Harry and Angela 1st 2012 auto

Book one of our unique dog whispering experiences. No matter how experienced you are with dogs, there’s always something new to learn.

Group taster experience (for groups) – £35 per person

Canine Obedience is an elite sport that’s fun, enthralling, and inspiring. Dogs and handlers work together in unity. It’s a unique combination of precision, cues, and signals apparently invisible to the naked eye (hence whispering). Enjoy a taste of dog whispering, before settling down for tea and cake at the Judges tent.

This involves a group activity with a minimum of 8 people. It operates on a group booking system at set days and times.

Handling of dogs is optional on this programme.

Price: £35 per person

Dog Whispering Training  1-1 – £35 per person

This is designed specifically for dog owners to learn about training their dogs using relationship and reward based techniques. Learn how to build a trusting, working relationship with your own dog, and we’ll teach you some new tricks.

Our dog handling training lasts approximately for an hour and includes full instruction.









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