• Do your senior managers “really” lead the business?
  • Do you have departments that function as disparate groups rather than teams?
  • Does the communication in your organisation “leave a lot to be desired”?
  • Are you undertaking a change management programme and want to your staff to buy-in to it?
  • Would you like your people to have personal impact and presence?
  • Are you losing your talented people to the competition?
  • Do you want to increase the productivity of your business?

We support companies to resolve these and many other business dilemmas and in doing so to improve performance and productivity.

Leadership is learned not in theory, but in practice. And our methodology is based on the Connected Leader experiential leadership model.

Our programmes are a mix of classroom sessions and outdoor work with dogs. The length and structure of the programme will depend on the business outcomes desired.

We specialise in incorporating programmes into our client’s existing training strategy, and so we often work with an organisation or one of our partners to deliver a one day programme as part of for example a leadership, coaching, or team development programme.

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