NLP Training can be more than fire-walks, and board breaks. Instead of hot coals, we use dogs!


So you’re planning your next NLP Intro, Practitioner, or Master Practitioner Course and are looking for that magical experience that will inspire and grow your participants. Our experiential Pawz4Thought session draws out many levels of learning about communication, rapport, sensory awareness, how we filter our world, language, modelling the expert, relationship building, congruence, authenticity,  leadership, trust, and “not knowing”.

Expect the unexpected

You never know what’s going to happen when working with animals, and dogs are no exception. Course participants are likely to uncover hidden talents, breakthrough limiting beliefs, discover new insights and apply them in situations in their lives that they would like to change. Modelling and strategies are useful aspects of NLP. And it doesn’t have to be overly complex to be powerful.

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