Pawz4Thought – Bringing NLP to LIfe

I can remember very clearly the day that Pawz4Thought was born in my mind. I was sat in my living room, reflecting on how much I loved training the dogs and how much I was learning about myself from my experiences in the show ring.

I wondered, what would happen if I was to share the lessons I was learning in the show ring -self- awareness, non-verbal communication, and state management – and design trainings that integrated ‘dog whispering’ and NLP as a way of supporting people in bringing out the best in themselves and others.

My training in NLP, coaching, clean language, and dogs was all beginning to make sense.

So that’s what I did.

Now, I design NLP programmes and learning experiences that bring together the lessons I’ve learned from modelling exemplars such as Sue Knight, Author of NLP at Work, David Grove the originator of Clean Questions, and models of excellence in the Competitive Obedience field.¬†And my insistence in placing ‘dog whispering’ at the heart of those programmes is as a direct result of my time at a dog show, in a field somewhere in England, with a Golden Retriever, called Harry.

Your thoughts?

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