Pawz4Thought not only offers programmes to corporate and business clients, but also to individuals who want to experience learning in the special environment that we provide.

We can deliver tailored programmes for specific groups or individuals who are looking to increase their personal effectiveness when handling challenging situations, for example business owners, one man brands, coaches, teachers, nurses, doctors, charity workers.

Canine Collaborators

Canine Collaborators promotes collaboration, questions, acceptance of the opinions of others, respect, and thoughtful communication, at the same time as connecting and networking with like and unlike minded people.

Dogs and the way we are with them have real parallels with the inter-personal skills that are needed to maintain and engage in quality relationships in business and everyday life. Through exploration, observation and activities with each other, we encourage you to seek opportunities to transfer your learning into your work and life. It can be used in business, corporate, health, and educational environments.

How it works:

Following a demonstration of communication and teamwork by our dog and handler team, the group is split into several teams. Team members work together applying selected communication and leadership techniques and work together to achieve a common goal. The dogs make it look so easy. We’ll encourage teams to take ownership, identify and work to their strengths, and practise different communication styles. The winning team are rewarded with treats, rosettes, and a certificate for each participant. Not only great fun, but rewarding too!

Duration: This workshop takes approx 3 hours.

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