Dogs and the way we are with them can teach us much about ourselves.

cropped-img_0343.jpgDogs mirror our feelings and emotions. They have a powerful connection with us, can sense changes in our emotions, and show empathy easily.

Observing dogs and their interactions with people can help us identify ways in which we can show our loved ones and work colleagues that level of instinctive sensitivity in our interactions with them.

Dogs respond to people’s emotions and respond ‘in the moment’. They carry none of the hidden agendas carried by people. We have much to learn from the way we are with animals – especially dogs.

A recent study on dogs in the workplace, published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, found that access to dogs boosted morale and reduced stress levels – whether people had access to their own dogs or other people’s.

With clinical conditions such as depression and anxiety on the increase, Pawz4Thought works with individuals to help them find motivation and meaning in life. We are also looking into working with people who having been destitute, are looking for motivation and meaning in life.